Republican guard

Enter the Celestins district and come discover the training area of the cavalrymen of the French Republican Guard.

Constructed in 1895, the district houses the headquarters and the cavalry regiment of the French Republican Guard. Its stables are home today to the 140 horses of the 1st squadron and to the brass band of the Republican Guard. You will start your guided tour with the Traditions Room, housed in a former stable, dedicated to the history of the Republican Guard from 1802 until today.

You will be captivated by the magnificent Eiffel Tower style structure of the riding stables where the cavalrymen train daily. Inside the Main Stable and the Major’s Stable your guide will explain the characteristics of the majestic horses. An unusual guided tour in the heart of Paris that takes you behind the scenes of the cavalry of the Republican Guard.

Please note: During the winter season, the Republican Guard doesn’t give access to the forge after 4 p.m.
Since the guided tour is mainly outside, we advise visitors to wear warm clothes.

Visit of 1 hours and 30 minutes. Meet me at the entrance, 18 bd Henri IV, 75004 Paris.

To book, go to the website and ask for Cindy as your guide.





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